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You require the following information in order to fill out the application form...
  • You have chosen a preferred program date from the schedule.
  • You have a photo of your passport on this device.
  • You are under 80. (sorry)


Do not continue to Application Form 2 until we have responded

Important notes:
  • If you are going to Israel specifically for Sar-El, we recommend do not purchase airline tickets until your application and accompanying documents have been received and approved by Sar-El Israel HQ.
  • Following this application form you will be directed to the payment page for Sar-El Australia application & registration fee. Please note that payment for the Australian application and registration fee is only a processing fee and not a factor in determining an applicant's approval or rejection. The processing fee is a prerequisite for an application to be assessed and is non-refundable, regardless of the applicant's approval or rejection.
  • Program cut-off application is 2 months in advance.
  • To apply for the MDA - Magen David Adom - optional extra program, please choose one of the specific program dates on the application form: 19-30 May  |  14-25 July  |  15-26 Sep  |  10-21 Nov. Note the extra program cost of US$300.
  • Please also note that during the difficult time with the Gaza War, you may not be able to be accommodated on a base because of all the reservists that have been called up. If that is the case you will be accommodated in a nearby hotel, with meals at the cost of SarEl. Please note this costs SarEl about US$100 per day and you will be asked if you can make a contribution to help defray this cost.

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    When you apply to become an Australian volunteer through our website you will receive your
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