Registration Process

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  1. Choose a program date from the coming year's schedule

    STEP 1
  2. Fill out Application Form 1
  3. Pay AU$120 application & registration fee.
  4. Wait for us to contact you for an interview

    Step 1 Complete upon Approval

    STEP 2
  5. Download the medical certificate (#1) and go to your doctor to complete. 
  6. Download the personal waiver (#2) and fill out.
  7. Download the Israel medical insurance (#3) and fill out.
  8. Fill our Application Form 2

    Step 2 Complete upon Approval

    STEP 3
  9. You will receive an email from Sar-El Australasia Head Office to finalise your application on the Sar-El Israel website.
  10. Fill out Sar-El Israel Application Form-190
  11. Pay the Sar-El Israel program fee (they call it a "donation")*
    Effective May 1, 2024: 
  12. Receive final confirmation from Johanna at Sar-El Israel for your requested program dates.

    Step 3 Approval Complete


(At this stage we will organise for your Sar-El Down Under T-Shirt to be sent to you...😊)

Sarel Registration Instruction Video

*Sar-El Israel Program Fee ("Donation")

from May 1, 2024 the price will change:
US$ 190 for 1 week 
US$ 250 for 2 weeks 
US$ 310 for 3 weeks 
US$ 370 for 4 weeks 
US$ 440 for 5 weeks 
US$ 500 for 6 weeks

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