Click here to pay for the application and registration fee:

  • Discount for returning Sar-El volunteers within 12 months
  • Payment is NON-REFUNDABLE and includes payment for the t-shirt. Please note that payment for the Australian application and registration fee is a processing fee and not a factor in determining an applicant's approval or rejection. The processing fee is a prerequisite for an application to be assessed and is non-refundable, regardless of the applicant's approval or rejection.
  • Later you will have to also pay a direct fee to Sar-El Israel for the Program Fee (they refer to it as a "donation")

Sar-El Israel Program Fee ("Donation")

Effective May 1, 2024:
• living expenses on the base (food and accommodation) Sunday to Thursday
• pickup shuttle to and from base
• Uniform
• Evening activities
• Weekend accommodation in Sar-El Hostel IF space permitting
• One standard price regardless of duration of stay (up to 3 weeks)
• We will forward requisite monies to Sar-El in Israel on your behalf
Link to pay for Sar-El Israel donation. (do NOT use this link unless instructed)

Other Expenses paid by Volunteer

Return airfares
Travel/health insurance
Accommodation & meals off the base
Pocket money
Mobile phone card
Note: When travelling in Israel ALWAYS ask hotels, museums, shops, public transport if Sar-El discounts available

Sar-El (Australasia) Application & Registration fee - AU$120

Marketing, Promotional material, Advertising, Administration
Conversion rates, PayPal fees, International transfer fees
Group packages (6 + people) can be organised by Sar-El Australia at your request
Receive your Sar-El Identification ID card and Letter once accepted to the program

This Plastic card identifies you as a Sar-El Volunteer where you can show and ask for discounts  at museums, hotels etc


This T-Shirt will help identify you as a Sar-el Volunteer (A Sar-Elnik) especially when meeting at Ben Gurion Airport on Sunday Afternoon. Click here to buy additional t-shirts: Sar-El Merchandise

Sample budget of costs involved:
Sar-El Australasia application & registration fee 
 -  AU$120
Sar-El Israel program fee
 -  US$190 (1 week)
Other personal travel costs: 
 -  (cost expectations)
    Weekend Accommodation (Thu-Sun)  -  $200 p.n.
    Flights Australia-Israel return  -  $3500 return
    Travel insurance  -  $250
    Meals (Thu-Sun)  -  $100 p.d.

T-Shirt sizes

Australasian Application & Registration Form

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