10 Jan 2020

Thanks for your interest. Answers to your questions below...

I am a former Australian Army soldier (23 years) and I'm am currently on a veterans pension. My health is covered by my Veterans Affairs Gold Card. Therefore I have no private health insurance. In your experience, would you still encourage private health insurance or should I check as to whether the Dept of Veteran Affairs will cover me whilst volunteering. I couldn't see an issue since they cover me for all medical services whether working or not whilst in Australia and do pay pensions for those living abroad. 
I think it is highly likely you will be covered by your current health insurance. Sar-el is still separate to the IDF so it is not as if you are participating in the military of another country.

Also since the programs break between Thursday and Sunday morning are their programs in Israel to assist volunteers with accommodation and at present is it expensive to volunteer for three weeks noting that you'll be needing your own accommodation for two to three breaks?  
Sar-el Israel presently does have assistance for you during your days off such as hotel accommodation and transportation. I would be happy to organise for you some tourist activities as well. There is no additional cost for sar-el regardless of the length of time you want to participate (up to 3 weeks, it is one single cost).

As for the Australian program does it arrange a collective date for departures or to meet and make contact with other volunteers before departure? Or is it a make your own way?
There are specific program starting dates by the month. You have to make your own way to Israel (again I am happy to assist). 

Is there any language requirements as well?
English is the dominant language, although there are people from all over the world.

Kind Regards
Paul Steinberg
Sar-el Ambassador, Australia
Tel & WhatsApp: +61413055718


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